PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Tax Equity


The proceeds from the PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Tax Equity and PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Bond offerings will be used to fund the PSM Acorn Solar Project.


PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Tax Equity Details


 As a Tax Equity Investor, you receive 100% of a project’s tax credits, tax deductions, and cash flow until the preferred return of 12%* is achieved, or for 5.5 years, whichever is longer.  

Thereafter, you receive 5% of the project’s cash flow for the remaining lifetime of the project.

*pre-tax equivalent


U.S. citizens who qualify as “accredited investors” are eligible to purchase membership interests in PSM Solar MA 1 LLC (“Project Company”).

The Project Company was formed to develop, construct, and maintain a solar photovoltaic project and is managed by PSM Clean Energy.  The aggregate proceeds from this offering of $1,425,000 will be used to fund part of a 720kW solar photovoltaic project hosted on the roof top of Acorn Deck House Company’s 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Acton, MA.  

The membership interests are non-transferrable for 5.5 years.

Offering Termination Date: December 31, 2015

Project Commissioning Date: on or before June 1, 2016

For more details, please see the Confidential Equity Offering Memorandum.



Up to 60% of Invested Capital is targeted to be returned by the end of 2016



Up to 100% of Invested Capital is targeted to be returned by the end of 2019



12%* Preferred Return is targeted to be distributed before the end of 2021

*pre-tax equivalent

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