PSM Acorn Solar Project

Acton, MA


The PSM Acorn Solar Project will be funded by the proceeds from the PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Bond and PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Tax Equity offerings.

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PSM Acorn Solar Project Details

Project Entity and Security Issuer

The Project owner and security issuer will be PSM Solar MA 1 LLC (“LLC”).

Project Manager

The Project will be managed by Private Securities Market LLC ("PSM Clean Energy").

Project Size and Estimated Annual Production

The Project will be a 720 kW (DC) solar photovoltaic project located on the roof of a 150,000 square foot single story manufacturing facility in Acton, MA.  It will be comprised of 2,574 solar photovoltaic modules and is estimated to produce about 865,067 kWh in year one.

Project Cost
The projected capital cost of the Project is $2,400,000 of which the LLC expects to fund $1,075,000 from the proceeds of PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Bond investments and $1,325,000 from the proceeds of PSM Solar MA 1 LLC Tax Equity investments.

Over the 25-year term of the project, the solar project is expected to reduce carbon emissions by an amount equivalent to using XXX,XXX gallons of gasoline, the electricity used by XXX homes, or the carbon sequestered by XXX acres of forest.

Solar Project Host

The Project will be located on the 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility for Acorn Deck House Company.  The Acorn Deck House Company designs and manufactures Acorn Home, Deck House, and the NextHouse brands.  Acorn Deck House Company manufactures and ships homes across the globe, including Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom, Albania, Argentina, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexico, throughout the United States, and more.  

More information on Acorn Deck House Company may be obtained at

Solar Power Customer

The LLC will sell the Project’s power production in the form of net metering credits to a number of Solar Power Customers to meet the requirements of a Community Shared Solar program under the Solar Carve Out II Program, which will allow for the Project’s Solar Renewable Energy Certificates to have the maximum regulatory value. 

Solar Developer


Private Securities Market LLC is co-developing the Project with RePower Partners LLC (“RePower”).  RePower is a solar energy development company based in Massachusetts. RePower develops, engineers, finances, and operates renewable solar photovoltaic energy systems that provide affordable clean energy for our clients. RePower was established in 2009 and specializes in managing the complex inter-relationships between solar engineering system design, federal and state incentives, tax law, and financing to provide the maximum benefit for our clients.

More information on RePower Partners LLC may be obtained at

EPC and O&M Contractor

Transformations, Inc. (“Transformations”) specializes in installing and maintaining solar projects for businesses and homes, and developing and building sustainable Zero Energy Communities. Transformations is located in Townsend, Massachusetts and was incorporated in 1986 by its president, R. Carter Scott.  Transformations has served over a thousand customers since its start.

More information on Transformation, Inc. may be obtained at

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